American Manufacturing

More than 200 years of American Manufacturing History Scroll

Our Tools are part of American History.
We started in a blacksmith shop, in a village with hand‑forged farm tools.

As America grew, we grew. We became American Fork & Hoe and later True Temper, a leading global supplier of lawn and garden tools and wheelbarrows. Through it all, we continued to forge, mill and manufacture our tools here in the United States.


U.S. Manufacturing, Service + Distribution

Today we continue U.S. manufacturing operations, and assemble, package, and distribute True Temper tools for sale throughout the country and abroad.


We are a Global Company

As a global company, we buy some of the components and materials for our tools from trusted international suppliers. We are committed to being a global competitor and seeking the best materials at the best prices.

From American Roots

But we also believe the future is in domestic manufacturing, and we remain committed to making tools here in the USA.

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