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5 Tools You Need This Winter

Winter is coming, and you know what that means. Snow! With that said, now is a great time to stock up on all of your snow tools for the season. Lucky for you, we have you covered. Contrary to popular belief, there is more to snow preparedness than shovels. Here is a list of the top five snow tools you’ll need in your garage this winter to ensure you’re prepared for anything the weather throws your way.

  1. Telescoping Roof Rake

Whether you’re a new home owner or have had your house for years, you should pick up our Telescoping Roof Rake during your next visit to the store. Letting snow pile on your roof can lead to damage and costly repairs. Avoid these pricey misfortunes by clearing your roof after each snow fall to eliminate heavy build-up throughout the season. This roof rake’s 24-inch wide blade is designed to help you collect and pull snow from your roof with ease and efficiency.  A major benefit to this product is you can clear snow while staying on the ground. That’s right, with a handle that extends up to 17-feet you don’t even have to get out your ladder. Plus, when you’re done you can collapse the Telescoping Roof Rake for simple and easy storage.

  1. UHMW Nylon Pusher

Why shovel snow when you can push it? Spare your back by pushing away slush and powdery snow with our UHMW Nylon Pusher. A great feature about this item is that it can be used on all outdoor surfaces (concrete, asphalt, patio wood, etc.). Its ability to clear any surface is made possible by the UHMW Nylon material, which allows for the blade to remain wear-resistant and long-lasting. Available in 24”, 30”, and 36”, you can choose the pusher size that works best to quickly clear your large outdoor spaces. Finally, its steel handle is strong and covered with an anti-slip grip to provide security during your winter clean up, while its ergonomically designed Versa Grip allows for various hand placements while pushing, scooping and unloading piles of snow.

  1. Scraper

During the winter, we typically encounter snow, slush, and often ice. Shoveling ice can be inefficient and pushing it can cause you to slip and fall, but our Scraper, made with a forged steel blade, can help you remove even the toughest layers of ice and bottom layers of snow from asphalt surfaces. Additionally, its flat design enables you to scrape away the broken ice and compact snow. The Scraper’s hard wood handle absorbs vibrations from impact and the cushioned end grip provides comfort and control. This tool is definitely a major necessity during icy weather conditions.

  1. Break-Resistant Shovel

Depending on where you live, you may have to use your shovel a number of times this winter, so make sure yours is built to last by picking up our Break-Resistant Shovel. Its polycarbonate blade is 45% more wear resistant compared to typical HDPE and Polypropylene blades. The break- resistant features ensure you can use this product in any winter condition, from powdery to ice-packed snow. To add, its steel handle is covered with an anti-slip grip for security and the oversized D-Grip provides leverage when scooping snow. Best of all, it’s safe to use on all surfaces, from asphalt to wooden decks, so shovel away!

  1. Telescoping Scratch-Free Snow Brush

Last but not least, our Telescoping Scratch-Free Snow Brush will allow you to clear snow from all of your vehicles with ease. Gone are the days are stretching and straining to clear snow and struggling with tough to reach areas such a wiper wells. Our Telescoping Scratch-Free Snow Brush has an extending handle that can get high and far to reach places, and is flexible enough to clear areas around your windshield wipers. With non-traditional brush bristles made from clog and freeze free EVA foam, the same foam used at professional car washes, this brush is able to effectively remove snow without scratching your car. Finally, with its cushioned mid-grip for comfort and control, and flat rotating head for easy storage, our Telescoping Scratch-Free Snow Brush is sure to make your winter clean up quick, easy, and efficient. So what are you waiting for? Head to your local stores today to pick-up these five items, browse our whole line of True Temper winter tools, and prepare for stress-free winter weather clean-up.