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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Give your dad a gift that lends him a helping a hand for years to come!  Whether your dad loves to work in his yard or not, check out our suggested tools that make yard and garden work go quicker and easier. We’ll help Dad spend less time working in his yard and more time enjoying it!

Multi-Purpose Lawn Rake

This is a great multi-season tool for the variety of applications you can use it for. Whether you’re dethatching, spreading mulch or just raking your yard, this is a tool that Dad will love! It’s uniquely shaped curved steel tines reach deeper than a standard rake and collect large capacities so you have a clean sweep with each pass. Click here to learn more about this rake.

Border Spade

Help Dad keep his landscape and flower beds looking clean and defined throughout the year. Our Border Spade makes edging simple with it’s arched blade design for a precise shape and Comfort Steps to help stabilize your foot and add pressure as you edge. With this tool in his hand, Dad can edge with confidence knowing that he can create both round and straight edges in no time! Click here to learn more about our Border Spade.

Post Hole Digger With Ruler

If your Dad likes to work on advanced projects that require creating deep and narrow holes (example: installing a deck post, flag pole, lamp post, mailbox post, etc.), then this is the tool for him! Our Post Hole Diggers feature blades designed to create a precisely circular hole and have a bonus feature too! The handles feature measurement markings to help you gauge how deep your hole is. Learn more about our Post Hole Diggers by clicking here.

Action Hoe

Help Dad clear out weeds in no time with our Action Hoe! This tool reaches far and cuts under weed roots so it’s perfect for areas that have masses of weeds. Just use a push forward and pull back motion to remove the weeds and he’ll be done in no time. Click here to learn more about our Action Hoe.