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Raking The Right Way

Leaves are changing colors, there’s a chill in the air, we find pumpkin spice in everything from coffee to candles. Some call this season autumn but there’s a reason it’s called fall. Whether it’s leaves, pinecones, acorns, or twigs, there’s something falling into your yard throughout this season for you to rake away. Raking can be a fun activity when you have the right rake in your hand! Depending on what your property is like, you may need more than one rake to clear everything. We’ll walk you through how to choose the right leaf rake this season. Location, location, location Where you need to rake is the biggest factor in deciding what type of rake you should use. Think about the surface that you’re raking, is it a yard full of grass or a hard surface like a paved driveway? Will you be raking debris and leaves out of your landscaped beds where there are plants that do not want to be disturbed? Maybe all 3 types of surfaces are areas that you’ll be raking. No matter where you’ll be raking, we have the right rake for you. Grass Yards Poly leaf rakes should be your go to when it comes to raking your yard.  Look for a rake with a large basket size and poly tines. Poly tines are light-weight and reduce fatigue, enabling you to gather a lot of leaves quickly. When it comes to basket size, we offer poly leaf rakes in both 26” and 30” wide baskets to gather large piles of leaves with each stroke. Keep in mind that yards tend to collect other gifts from nature like pinecones or walnuts. We make our poly leaf rakes with unique features so that your raking is efficient:

    • Clog Free Tines: Our Dual Tine Leaf Rake uses two rows of tines that create a clean sweep but are also clog free so that you do not have to constantly clean out the tines as you rake.
    • Adjustable Basket for Wet or Dry Leaves: Our Wet-n-Dry Leaf Rake enables you to adjust your tines so you can increase their rigidity for digging deeper which is helpful for raking wet & compacted leaves.  You can also lessen the rigidity of the tines to rake dry and loose leaves.
    • Handle Grips: From rubber coated handles to long cushion grips, our poly leaf rakes provide comfort and control for your hands as you rake.

Paved Areas or Rough Surfaces Areas like driveways and sidewalks are best tackled with a steel tine leaf rake. The metal tines are durable against rough surfaces but also have a flexibility that creates a spring-like action as you rake. Steel tine rakes can also be used in your yard, we recommend using them for wet or compacted leaves. Landscaped Beds, Raised Bed Gardens and other Small Spaces We recommend using a poly shrub rake for tight spaces. Shrub rakes are like your standard leaf rake but with a much smaller basket size. Our shrub rakes feature an 8 inch wide basket which make them ideal for fitting in between plants and underneath shrubs. Use a poly shrub rake for your garden and flower beds and a steel tine shrub rake for paved areas like steps. One of our Dual Tine Leaf Rake models also features a removable hand rake that can be used under shrubs and in tight spaces. The benefit of this rake is that you can cover your large yard areas and tight garden bed spaces using one tool. Dirt Pathways and Areas with Tree Roots Both poly and steel tine leaf rakes will work well on dirt pathways, forest trails, or areas filled with tree roots. Guiding Yourself to the Right Rake When you’re not sure what to choose, just remember to think about location. Here’s a helpful guide that can lead you to the right rake: image