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Driveway or Sidewalk

High-Capacity Snow Shovels


Scooping and pushing heavy snow accumulations and clearing large areas

Key Feature:

Deep blade with wide reach

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Scraping ice and compacted layers of snow

Key Feature:

Forged for strength and durability

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Scratch-Free Snow Brushes

EVA Foam:

Scratch-free and durable material

Head Shape:

Innovative to remove snow in wiper wells and tight spots

Telescoping Version:

Pivoting head for tight spots and extendable handle for rooftop and wide areas

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Emergency Car Shovel:

Clears areas around tires

Easy Storage:

Compact and Foldable

Multiple Grips

Hand placement options

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House Roof, Deck + Patio

Clearing Your Roof with Snow Roof Rakes


Climbing on your roof to shovel snow is dangerous

Clear snow while standing on ground

Blade Shape:

Removes sufficient amounts of snow with each pull

Protect Your Roof:

Clear roof after each snow fall to eliminate heavy build-up


Handle extends to 17 feet

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Clearing Your Deck + Patio

Nylon or No Wear Strip:

Gentle yet efficient for surfaces like wood or patio pavers

Poly Blade:

Better for deck and patio surfaces, available in shovel and pusher options

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