Cleaning Snow From Your Car

Protect yourself and other drivers on the road by clearing off all areas of your car that are covered with snow. Using our innovative Scratch-Free Snow Brush, you’ll be able to remove snow from tight spots and prevent damage to your car caused by bristles on a traditional snow brush.

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Defrosting & Adjusting The Scratch-Free Snow Brush Head

With one hand, press on the amber-colored button located right below the head of the brush. Using the other hand, gently lift up the head so that it’s positioned horizontally. Swipe off snow from your driver’s side door-frame before opening the door to prevent snow from falling into your car. Turn on the defroster to help melt any layers of ice stuck on the windshield.

Extend the Length

To extend the length of the brush, use one hand to press and hold the amber-colored button on the handle of the brush and use the other hand to grab the gray section beneath the head of the brush and pull up until you reach your desired length to reach the roof of your car. Release the amber-colored button to hold the length in place.

Start at the Top!

Using push and pull motions, clear the snow from the roof of your car. Pivot the head using the guidelines in Step 1 to remove the snow from underneath you roof racks.

Windshields, Windows and Hood

Using the broad side of the foam head, push or pull snow off of your windshields, windows and hood. Don’t forget to remove snow from the tail and headlights.

Wiper Wells and Mirrors

Using the shorter ends of the foam head remove snow under the windshield wipers, side mirrors and other smaller, hard to reach areas.

Scrape Away Ice

Scrape ice from your windshields, side windows and side mirrors using the scraper-end of the brush.


Minimize the length of the handle to its shortest length, pivot the head so that it lies flat and store your snow brush in the trunk or on the floor of the back seat so you’re never without it!

Lift Windshield Wipers

When you anticipate a snow fall, don’t forget to lift your windshield wipers off the windshield before the next storm to prevent them from sticking.