Rake Leaves the Right Way

Whether you’re ready or not, the leaves will fall so make sure you have the right rake in your hand when it comes to clearing your yard, garden beds, driveway and sidewalk.

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Clearing Your Yard

For clearing a large space like a yard, you will need a rake that has a large basket. We recommend our Dual Tine Leaf Rake which clears leaves up to 45% faster than traditional rakes. The second row of tines on this rake picks up the leaves that the first row of tines may have missed, giving you a much cleaner sweep with each stroke. The head design is also clog free which saves you time from constantly removing leaves from in between tines.

Clearing Garden Beds and Tight Spots

When you need to get underneath a tight area like a shrub, we recommend using the hand rake that comes with our Dual Tine Combo Rake. For the areas in between plants within the garden bed, use one of our shrub rakes. Our shrub rakes feature a small head that will not disrupt the plants within the bed but will still collect the leaves you need to remove.

Clearing Your Driveway and Sidewalks

For hard-surface areas, use our steel-tine rake to collect leaves. The spring-like action and strength of the steel tines on this rake make it durable to withstand the rough texture of concrete or asphalt.


If your piles of leaves need to be placed along the curb, make sure you use a wheelbarrow to transport them there, especially if you have a large yard to rake. You can tilt your wheelbarrow on it’s tip and rake the leaves into the tray. Or, if you have a Dual Tine Combo leaf rake, you can use the hand rake to press against a pile of leaves held in the basket of the Dual Tine Rake and empty the leaves into the wheelbarrow tray.