Spring Cleanup

Sometimes winter weather leaves a mess behind in your yard. While it may not yet be time to plant new flowers, you can still cleanup areas to get them back to looking great!

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Redefining Landscaped Beds

Throughout the season transitions, your garden beds and yard edges tend to lose their definition. Make sure that you’re using the right tool for they type of edge that you’re redefining. For edges that sit against a grassy or soft area, use our Border Spade. The arched blade of the spade enables you to easily create the curved shape of a bed while the D-Grip and Comfort Step increase your control as you press into the ground.

Redefining Yard Edges

For redefining yard edges that sit against a hard surface like a driveway or sidewalk, use our Dual Wheel Rotary Edger. Simply push the wheel along the hard surface while the blade cuts into the ground beside it.


Leaves, sticks, twigs and other debris pile up in areas around your trees, under your shrubs and throughout your landscaped beds. Use a steel-tine rake for removing leaves from driveways or sidewalks and other hard surfaces. Shrub rakes feature a smaller head which make them the best tool to use in your landscaped beds. For large spaces like your grassy yard areas, use one of our poly leaf rakes.


While we hope that our plants survive winter storms, sometimes they are left permanently damaged or dead. Use a drain spade to remove dead or damaged plants. The drain spade features a narrow blade to easily reach the root of the plant without disrupting other plants around it. The narrow shape of this blade also lessens the amount of ground that needs to be dug. Using the spade’s Comfort Step and D-Grip, increase your leverage and control as you uproot the plant.


After uprooting the plant, make sure to turn the soil where the plant was living. Use a spading fork to do this by simply gripping the D-Grip and turning the soil to loosen any clumps and compacted areas that formed. You may also want to add soil amendments to revitalize the soil if you want to add another plant in that spot at a later point.