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30-Inch Industrial Grade Snow Pusher with Versa Grip

Snow Pushers | #1663000

Rely on our 30-Inch Industrial Grade Snow Pusher to help you remove snow and slush
quickly throughout the winter season:

The plow shape of the blade helps you push away both snow and slush from wide areas.

The blade is made from UHMW Nylon, a material that is long-lasting and wear resistant to withstand the demands of heavy snow removal. It is also safe on all outdoor surfaces
which enables you to clear your driveway, sidewalk, deck and patio surfaces with one

As you remove snow, gain more leverage with the Versa Grip, an ergonomically designed grip that accommodates multiple hand positions for pushing, scooping and unloading pile of snow.

In addition to the Versa Grip, your hands are also secured with the anti-slip grip
provided by the TPE resin-covered steel handle.


56.5″h × 30″w × 5″d